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My Education/Experience

Firearms Instructor (Thomas Krieger)


  • FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) firearms instructor 1990-1998
  • Police Officer / Agent 1986-2014
  • Retired as Master Police Officer
  • Brevard County Police Academy Firearms Instructor 1989-1998
  • Police Rifle Instructor 1991-2014
  • Police Firearms Instructor 1989-2014
  • Member of International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Inc. 1990- Present
  • SWAT Team 1992-1996   
  • Glock Pistol Armorer 1991-Present
  • NRA Pistol Instructor 2014- Present 
  • NRA Law Enforcement Pistol Instructor 2015-Present
  • NRA Range Safety Officer 2015-Present
  • 5 Day Universal Shooting Academy High Performance Pistol Instructors Course 2016
  • United States Practical Shooting Association Member and competitor 2016-Present
  • Glock Shooting Sports Foundation Member and competitor 2016-Present
  • Trained with Professional Shooters – Frank Garcia, Ben Stoeger and Manny Bragg 

High-Quality Equipment

The student will be using their own gun (if deemed safe).  If the student does not own a handgun a glock handgun will be provided.  A computer simulator using a (glock-like) pistol will be used to show proficiency before live fire is introduced. 

Educate, Train, Demonstrate

Student will be educated about firearms nomenclature and how different handguns function (classroom).  Training will be done with a computer simulator and live fire (classroom/range). Demonstrating your ability will take place in both the classroom and at the range.  The main  emphasis of every class will be firearms  safety as set forth by the NRA Safety Rules.


Beginner Handgun


This class is mandatory in order to take more advanced classes.  If you are an experienced shooter, your skills must be demonstrated before taking more advanced classes.  Skills are perishable and safety will always be a priority in every class.

What's covered?
1. Firearms SAFETY                                
2. Handgun Nomenclature                 
3. How Handguns Function                
4. Ammunition Nomenclature           
5. Proper Grip,Stance                            
6. Sight Alignment/Trigger Control  

Classroom only $70.00
Classroom and Range: $130.00

Home Defense

A home defense coarse will be added soon. A beginner handgun coarse will be a prerequisite.  Proper handgun ability must be demonstrated before taking this class.

What's covered?

1. Firearms SAFETY             

2. Proper gun storage        

3. Emergency Safety Plan

4. Cover vs Concealment  

      5. Ammunition Performance

6. Florida Law                      

Intermediate Handgun


An Intermediate class will be added soon. This class will begin where the beginner class left off. This class introduces more advanced handgun skills.


Whats Covered? 

1. Firearms SAFETY                

2. Multiple Target Shooting 

3. Faster Shot Placement    

4. Shooting on the Move     

5. Cover vs Concealment    

6. Reloading Drills                

7. Correcting Malfunctions

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